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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1-­ Punctuality. It is collaborator’s duty attend and accomplish the established Schedule for the staff entry according to the flexible Schedule policy.

2‐ Shopping and expenses. It is collaborator’s duty for all who applies, produce and present the receipts according to the established procedures to achieve timely payments.

3‐ Responsibility.  Timing and engaged dates to clients has to be achieved just like internal commitments. In case that any contingency is presented which is not possible to fulfill, it will have to be informed on time. Each person has to be its Word in every agreement that has been done either by writing or verbally.

4-­ Conflicts Resolution. Not a single case it is allow to solve conflicts or differences through disrespectful procedures that affects people’s integrity, either verbally or physically or attempts against the integral people’s wellness.

5‐ Procedures. All procedures or REINOVA’S internal production steps must follow flowcharts of established procedures and has to be supported by required paperwork.

6-­ Clients Management. Client’s assistance will be flawless, diligent, and efficient and should always observe the courtesy rules and the indicated principles. Always it is important ‘to give the extra mile’ it means to go beyond their needs with the purpose to give value in each process that its under our reach.

7-­ Respect for our chiefs, work partners and the Company. Neither any moment inside or outside the Company, should any employment refer to them with insulting names that degrades their being. This would be consider as a serious fault that will have the appropriate sanctions.

8-­ Confidentiality.  Do not make comments regarding past projects or in process ones, in places outside the Company, even in public transportation, restaurants, entertainment places or with family and Friends. Information about Projects in process it is strictly confidential and in any moment might be used as conversation topic casual or formal.
If the discipline rules or not apply it could generate verbal or writing warning to the employee’s CV even though the contract cancellation and other consequences that are contemplated in the Internal Company Regulation.


Rules about classification behaviors.  (Serious offenses)

1-­ In not a single case it would be able to remove from the Company venue confidential client’s information; reports, audio materials, video or papers, without the corresponding Management authorization.

2‐ All collaborators should keep under severe care, safekeeping and reserve the information of every Project; and the general information provided by the clients.

3-­ It is strictly forbidden to give or receive gifts or incentives inside or outside the company as compensation for any job

4-­ It is strictly forbidden give or receive commissions without the property company’s authorization.

5-­ It is strictly forbidden start businesses that are related with the internal company’s procedures such as: gift sale, fieldwork teams, coding, recording, photocopy service; without any previous Management knowledge and authorization to provide them to the Company. About the rules about classification behaviors, it is well known that every person it is aware of the seriousness regarding the no application of this rules, since all of them are consider in the Penal Code and the corresponding penalty goes from consecutives fines even the imprisonment. Regarding the interviewers who are not direct collaborators but contractors, it has to be sure that they are accomplish the following behavior code, which is framed and required by TNS and Esomar:

– The interviewer has to be extremely sure that the survey’s participation it is based on a volunteer informed consent.

– The interviewer will be straight and honest in all professional and corporate relationships.

– The interviewer will be transparent with respect to the person and the data collection purpose.

– The interviewer will respect the confidential collected information in its professional activities. This includes do not revealed any information about participants to any person that goes beyond the purpose of collecting data for the assigned Projects

– The interviewer will respect the rights and wellness of every person.

– The interviewer will assure that participants are not injured or negative affected by their professional activities.

– The interviewer will assure to collect the data according to their interviewers training and the Project instructions.

– The interviewer will protect the integrity and reputation of the profession.

– The interviewer will behave as a positive Company ambassador with the general audience, it will be polite and professional all the time.

– The interviewer should be appropriately dress for the working context and represents the company’s image.

– The interviewer will collect impartially the data without influence the participants.

– The interviewer should have the parents or responsible adult agreement when there exists children’s survey (children defines by local’s laws) or vulnerable adults.

– The interviewer will not share information regarding other projects or data that has been worked from REINOVA TNS with anybody outside the organization.

– The interviewer will care the company’s material assets and will care the information and documents safety.

– The interviewer will not spread out to participants the final client’s identity unless this would be an instruction or that it would be necessary according the data protection rules.

– Before the interviewer procedure in the moments that the mobile phones are in use it must check the following features;

  • The participant is not driving or doing any activity that can create any unsafety situation if is speaking by the phone.
  • The participant it is not a child according the local law
  • The participant is not outside the country.